The world is not as it would like us to believe

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Truly astonishing quantities of time and energy including money, are expended to conceal the true nature of things from us. This is the primary function of government schooling and popular media, which also involves conditioning us to cling to our beliefs, and to fight to defend them--especially, from intrusions of reality. Evil ("live" spelled and done backwards) always exerts itself, to conceal itself--and powerful truths also are concealed, for the same reason we don't let young children drive cars.

"Thinking is difficult, that's why most people judge." -- Carl Gustav Jung

So, nothing is ever as it seems, and we are taught to judge things, rather than how to evaluate them. To form opinions, rather than studying to discern what things really are. 

"If knowledge is power, why are so many knowledgeable people so powerless?"

Even our colleges and universities, are instruments of deception. They offer such highly specialized knowledge, that communication between closely related fields is difficult. The Nobel Prize was awarded back around World War I, for the recognition that the primary factor in all species extinction is over-specialization. Information disintegrated from context. Knowledge that supports making judgments, while entirely lacking in the tools to evaluate processes, to evaluate reality.

Truly: "You must unlearn, all you have learned," including how you think.

"The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn and relearn."  --Alvin Toffler

What is Zionism?

That is a difficult question, shrouded in endless disinformation. Churches, are instruments of deception as well. Most Christians are purposefully conditioned to believe that Judaism, is synonymous with the state of Israel and Zionism, and that it is somehow "un-Christian" not to blindly support the latter two; however the ongoing bloodbath in Palestine and the recent astonishing spectacle of our government fawning over Bibi Netanyahu while he exhorts us to escalate the endless slaughter have done much to shatter the illusion. 

Most Christians don't know that Islam is both a religion, and a political agenda focused on the subversion of the Common Law by Sharia Law (Evil), while recognizing that Christianity as a form of government is the nightmare that caused the Dark Ages.

Zionism is also not a religion, it is a political agenda focused on global control via banking. The only thing Zionism really has to do with Judaism, is that Zionists have been purposefully slaughtering true Jewish people as fast as they can, as they did in Nazi (Zionist) Germany, because Jewish people recognize better than anyone what Zionists actually are, which was why they universally opposed Lord Rothschild's illegal annexation of the state of Israel in the Balfour Declaration.

To put it most simply: Zionism is synonymous with Luciferianism, and Satanism, by its own declaration. After becoming a self-proclaimed, practicing Satanist, Karl Marx was hired by the Zionist banker Lord Rothschild, for the purpose of developing a Satanic form of world government, specifically to counter and overthrow the greatest nation in history, conceived in the Declaration of Independence, born with the The Constitution of the United States and ensouled in the Bill of Rights which shine upon the earth to this day as the minimum standards of liberty for all humanity.

Marxism Communism Socialism Liberalism Progressivism Whatever It Morphs Into Next when the piles of human corpses gets too high again, is the single deadliest invention in human history.

Are you getting that "Zionism" is to Zion, as "Hope and Change" is to hope and change? I guess old tricks are the best tricks but you'd think people wouldn't be so easily fooled at this late date by creatures saying one thing and doing another?

The statement "All wars are banker wars," is a reflection of the reality of Zionism from the end of the Napoleonic Wars when Zionists bankers literally purchased the British Empire by fraud, through the engineering and financing of World (Zionist) Wars I and II, to the present American Empire Foreverwars in the Middle East, Africa and Eastern Europe, including the rabid manipulation and agitation to start World War III, and trigger a nuclear holocaust (Zionists are genocidally and suicidally insane).

Down The Rabbit Hole--Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction

How do you know what to believe? You must suspend judgment, and learn to evaluate. Most information, is disinformation...yet even disinformation, tells us much about the nature of the things being concealed, when we study it carefully. Your main enemy, and the primary weapon against you in the war that many are only now becoming aware of (yet has been waged against us for more than a century), is your sense of complacency and incredulity. Denial. Reality is so bizarre, most people prefer to be lied to. That mistake however, has become perfectly life-threatening.

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