Owl looking upside-down

when you care enough to blow up the very best (send a psychopath)

"The researchers interviewed 52 convicted murderers, 14 of them ranked as psychopaths according to the.." bla-bla

"While we all have conscious control over some words we use, particularly nouns and verbs, this is not the case for the majority of the.." blablabla

These punters wouldn't know a true psychopath if it bit them on the nose (except of course if *they* are psychopaths, which seems likely eh?)

Convicted psychopaths, are by definition *failed* psychopaths. They are the psychopaths who didn't make it out of psychopath potty-training. A true psychopath will speak *perfectly* when it desires to, and will not be detectable by these means.

Psychopaths unwittingly tap into the reality that intelligence is infinite. By dedicating themselves to psychopathy, they are dedicating themselves to systems-thinking. Their desire to hunt us more effectively, drives them to become more and more intelligent.

You can no more defeat this type of intelligence head-on than you can catch bullets with your teeth. Unless you are willing to drop the nonsense your head has been packed full of and become more intelligent than you believe is possible: let's just call you lunchmeat.

Most people are too befuddled by lies starting at birth, to allow themselves to become more intelligent. They accept the status quo, and it becomes so.

Stupid people have less chance of spotting a psychopath than they do of rising into the air levitated by the blarney they are full of. Smart people might, with some diligent education get to where they can shout "Duck!" after the bullets go by.

You will *never* outsmart a psychopath. We *do not* engage them without training, skill and tools, any more than you swim naked with piranhas (on purpose--99.9% of you do it all the time, unwittingly).

You must learn systems-thinking yourself, and learn how not to be lunch, learn how to take yourself off the menu! learn how to remove them from and keep them out of your life.

The reason your planet is run by psychopaths, is because they are smarter than you believe is possible, period.




fr accepted! It's not sarcasm, it's irony Pam dear, irony! Never anything mean or aggressive, and confrontation is never personal--gentle or strong yes, but never uncaring or unfeeling!

When Jesus said "I Am Alpha and Omega," it was a declaration of completeness within himself. Which means "I and my Father are one." Now Papa is generally a pretty easygoing Guy...buuut it also means I and my Mother, Durga, Kali are one!

Guys will stand there blustering and posturing, maybe bash on each other a bit, but when Omega decides She's Had Enough, while the transgressor is deciding what to do next, he wonders "what is that warm feeling pressing on my feet?" Then looks down and sees She's spilled his guts.

She'd rather cut even a good person in half, than watch them trash their soul (from the perspective of the Heavenworld, we die when we take embodiment, and are 'reborn' when we leave here). You notice when you look, it is the Father who restrains Her, and indulges His Children! Ma, Gets Radical when you mess with Hers.

You should see Her, when She shows up with a weapon in every hand! Sometimes Love is Ruby Fire

Buddha Ruby Ray



Tirade To The Goyim--Hillarity Tell-All Goes Viral

Hillarity Clampett blew up at protesters today after a private speech to executives from Monsanto and subsidiary Blackwater Academi Private Army GPFH (Genocidal Psychopaths For Hire).

“Yes, my candidacy, and my 'opponent’s' candidacy, is funded by your enemies, because we are your enemies. You don’t remember--because you were busy taking the bait getting titillated by Free Willy’s peccadillos--back when AllBrrr, Free Willy and I all got caught red-handed prostituting ourselves the Democratic Party and your country to the Communist Chinese.

"You think when we call you 'Goyim' it's a religious thing? It means 'animal!' As in 'property.' I tell you, when we set out with the inception of public schooling in America to dumb you down, little did we realize how successful we’d be--today actual Jewish people are as clueless as the rest of you exactly who and what “God’s Chosen People” really are, and the bill of goods you’ve been sold in the process.

"We eat your children for breakfast, after using them in bed for our entertainment...we feed you your own aborted fetuses in the industrial food-like substances you buy, in your soda pop and we add in heavy metals and inject you with your children telling you it’s 'medicine,' ...and you still fawn over us and vote for us!

"You really have become, too stupid to govern yourselves. So you get us. We are prostituting ourselves to the Arabs because the Chinese have figured out how slimy and diseased we are, and are starting to seriously regret getting in bed with us. We’ll prostitute ourselves to anyone with money or resources, to feed our bankrupt ravening maw. And when I say ‘prostitute,’ I mean we’re selling them, not just your country: we’re selling them you. Our livestock. Did you know the word ‘collateral’ comes from the word ‘cattle?’ You. The Stupid Goyim.

"Back when we shoved public education down your ancestor's throats, all we had to do was call the few with a clue who were resisting us things like ‘Alarmist,’ --equivalent nowadays to calling someone a ‘Conspiracy Theorist,’ and as you have done since time immemorial, like you did with Jesus, you took up the chant and did our dirty-work for us, beating them bloody, burning their homes--you know, all the usual.

"We’ve noticed lately, that an aquarium full of guppies behaves more intelligently than you lot, especially when it comes to self-preservation and recognizing who your enemies are!

"You pay to have your children’s heads filled with garbage at our universities; a Neanderthal medicine-man knew more about nutrition than your doctors do, and a Mesopotamian kid counting with clay beads could have told you that statistically, what you call ‘medicine’ is killing you.

"You ingest whatever poisons we advertise to you, and congratulate yourselves for injecting your children with the bioweapons we sell you. We distracted you with videos of Smiley Virus Twerking, while we gave your enemies thirty trillion dollars of your wealth and drove your nation and your planet into bankruptcy, and still you fawn over us, vote for us, and swallow whatever ridiculous garbage our disinfotainment media feeds you. I think you deserve us."