fr accepted! It's not sarcasm, it's irony Pam dear, irony! Never anything mean or aggressive, and confrontation is never personal--gentle or strong yes, but never uncaring or unfeeling!

When Jesus said "I Am Alpha and Omega," it was a declaration of completeness within himself. Which means "I and my Father are one." Now Papa is generally a pretty easygoing Guy...buuut it also means I and my Mother, Durga, Kali are one!

Guys will stand there blustering and posturing, maybe bash on each other a bit, but when Omega decides She's Had Enough, while the transgressor is deciding what to do next, he wonders "what is that warm feeling pressing on my feet?" Then looks down and sees She's spilled his guts.

She'd rather cut even a good person in half, than watch them trash their soul (from the perspective of the Heavenworld, we die when we take embodiment, and are 'reborn' when we leave here). You notice when you look, it is the Father who restrains Her, and indulges His Children! Ma, Gets Radical when you mess with Hers.

You should see Her, when She shows up with a weapon in every hand! Sometimes Love is Ruby Fire

Buddha Ruby Ray